Welcome to Hamco Internet Solutions

We're sure you miss the old Google Apps site that was your landing page for Hamco Internet Solutions. Old, simple and boring it was. Completely functional certainly. Still boring though. In 2009 when Hamco was formed, we had big dreams of creating really neat stuff on the internet utilizing PHP as our primary coding language.

It never really made sense for an Internet Solutions company to have the most basic Google Apps provided home page possible, but the reality of being employed as a salaried Windows Server Engineer demanded a neat Hamco web page to fall on the priority list. From early 2010 through late 2012 we were a consultant company providing our expertise as Lords of all things Windows to Twin Cities area companies.

And the IRS really wanted those companies to validate we were actually IN business, so, a Google Site thrown up in a few minutes so they had a landing page for that validation seemed an awesome idea.

No longer.

Back in the comfortable role of salaried Windows Engineer for a Twin Cities area company, Hamco's origin as a company providing internet solutions and custom applications is again our primary focus. Where better to start than our own site? Pretty smart huh?

Cool things.

We no longer use PHP as our primary coding language. We're now enthusiastic Rubyists. This site is pretty simple too. From your perspective. From ours, it's a coded thing of beauty. We'll go into more detail about how we build things as we populate our blog which will update in the sidebar under "Stuff I think".

But, some of the cool things about this site is it's written with Ruby on Rails 4, RC1 (yes, this was 4 beta like a moment ago, but we move fast) with Ruby 2.0 as the underlying language. Each page you'll see, this one included, is a dynamic page delivered from a database, not just a static front facing landing spot. Our slogan area will refresh each time you visit the site. A complete, from scratch, authentication and authorization system was built for this site largely because ready made pre-packaged solutions were not fully working for Rails 4.

Nginx is the web server, though without static pages, it's pretty bored.

Unicorn is the app server.

Postgresql is the database.

Seems pretty fast right now :). That's good.

Thanks for visiting.

Check out our About page to see a bit more about our history.

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