World's most simple blog.

Several years ago when Ruby on Rails was young and sexy a YouTube video showing how to make your own blog in like 10 minutes came out demonstrating the ease and power of Rails. When I was deciding what and how I wanted to learn internet programming I basically had three choices.

Ruby on Rails.

PHP. requires lots of licensing and costly software. Not for me. PHP was free, seriously mature, used everywhere and improving. Rails was the new hotness. As drawn as I was to the new hotness I went with PHP. Not much happened with it though, so in January when I picked up Rails, it was no longer the new hotness.

Rails is more mature now. It's not the coolest kid on the block any longer. It is still pretty smoking from a language and framework perspective though. And of all the languages and frameworks, Ruby and Ruby on Rails are the best paired so the community of users is able to help so much more quickly than the fragmented environment within PHP.

So, here we are, custom blog up. Very simple indeed.

We will allow Anonymous guests to comment, which we'll surely regret and remove soon enough. I'll eventually add tags, maybe a rating system and some other cool features. For today, though, things work, are secure (I HOPE) and serve as a nice spot to grow moving forward.

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