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Connecting Ubuntu 14.04 with Rails 4.2 to MS SQL Will clean this up, just jotting down as I go. First, configure SQL so it allows... 0 03-03-2015
Two days in, Minitest is liberating and inspires innovation. So, I'm positive the epiphany I just had with Minitest/Capybara was equally possible with Rspec, or... 0 02-18-2015
The miracle of Rails (with a custom update action) So, for the last couple of days I've been hammering at working out the following conundrum.... 0 02-17-2015
Ok. Switching to Minitest. So there. I hack my way through many things that are Ruby. By "Ruby" I mean Rails, with... 0 02-16-2015
Steps on vagrant after first up. Need to remember this. After running vagrant up on a project, the following steps are pretty... 0 02-14-2014
Polymorphic address in Rails 4 Something tells me I am mostly a moron for having such difficulty getting polymorphic associations to... 0 05-17-2013
More dataTables and learning the noob. First and most fun, I had my first hacker. Someone visited the site, spammed some comments... 0 05-11-2013
Redcarpet for Rails 4.0 The good thing about having something, even this simple blog, up and running is when something... 0 05-10-2013
DataTables, Bootstrap, JS and you So all the things I like about Ruby -- from the relatively easy, congenial language, to... 0 05-09-2013
Rails 4.0 RC1 This site is a Rails 4.0 beta site. Obviously it's time for release candidate 1. Mo'... 1 05-07-2013
World's most simple blog. Several years ago when Ruby on Rails was young and sexy a YouTube video showing how... 0 05-06-2013

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