About Us

Hamco Internet Solutions is...

A Twin Cities, Minnesota company specializing in providing custom internet applications for small businesses, simple website design for small businesses, individuals or families and Information Technology consulting services for companies large and small.

Technically we have taken our Information Technology consulting business in house to a local Twin Cities area company leaving us to focus on making neat things on the internet.

Professional Experience.

As an IT consulting company we were hired by a number of large companies in Minnesota to provide Windows engineering and architecture. Carlson Companies, United Health Group, Ameriprise and Target were some of our large customers. As professional Windows sorts, we've been in technical leadership positions at places like Veritas (now Symantec), Guidant (now Boston Scientific) and Medtronic (still Medtronic, right?).

Why Ruby then for the Windows geek?

Everyone needs a hobby.

Having worked to resolve issues in very complex applications developed both in house and by external vendors for years, one develops a deep understanding of how things should be designed and work and a mild annoyance at how poorly things are actually done in the world.

We understand how systems work and how code should be developed to maximize system performance. And, frankly, making stuff is cool. It is probably just that simple.

We're a Ruby on Rails shop. Our stuff is hosted on virtual private slices running Ubuntu 12.04.

The beautiful thing about code is there really isn't anything you can want that we can't do. That's the cool stuff about making things part again.

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